Above: Photos from freelance photography jobs as well as personal everyday images(please click on image & use arrow keys to scroll through).
Below: Marist College, BS Digital Media, Minors: Art History & Studio Art, Certificate: Art & Advertising Design

NUDE5, The five sense reflected through black and white photography, the human body, and personal experiences.
Undergraduate senior thesis.

Different facets of the human condition can be captured by each of the different senses, including sight, taste, touch, smell and sound. Each sense has the capability of evoking a certain emotion, feeling, or to bring back a certain memory. By portraying the different senses through black and white photography and finding a theme that I felt accurately portrayed a specific sense, I gave the viewer the opportunity to fill in the blanks and to look at the piece in their own light.

The purpose of the book is to give viewers a chance to share this insight that they obtain from each set of pictures. It gives them a chance to provide their individual interpretation of a certain sense, while evoking a response that you might not expect out of some people. Responses that I’ve obtained have been very well thought out, and I believe the prompts at the beginning of each section gave just enough direction while also giving the viewer enough space to be creative. The anonymity of this let people say whatever they wanted to say without feeling uncomfortable, and evoked honest responses. The purpose of sectioning the book into five areas was to get the viewer to start thinking about the senses in ways they previously hadn’t

The grid is intended to bring all these thoughts together and to see the culmination of the five senses in a cohesive manner. By structuring the grid in such a fashion where no sense repeats in any row or column, I have maintained the individuality of each sense, but have also illustrated how they function in an interrelated unit in the human body.

Senior capping project.

For five weeks, a topic was proposed to a group of photographers on the popular website, flickr. Participants were determined through their paricipation in a group created for the purpose of this thesis. Each topic covered an area of life that I feel to be important. The five general areas and their corresponding specifics topics are as follows:

Color // "Black and/or Blue"
Language // "ABC/123"
Surroundings // "Nouns: People, Places & Things"
Intellect // "_isms"
Light // "A Study on Light"

These topics were explored on a global level through submissions in the previously mentioned group and were strictly monitored. Received photos were compiled into a mini-library of five volumes with minimal personal input using services provided by Shutterfly.com.

While submissions were being received, I documented each concept with instances of the specific topic from my own world. After the five weeks, I compiled my photos into a similar mini-library, containing five books that contrasted the mechanically printed ones. My books are made from scratch, have total artist input, and have no outside influence.

In the end, I came to many conclusions about life on a global level and its similarities and differences in each corner of the world. Receiving submissions from everywhere including Finland and Australia to Teas and Argentina, demonstrated how life can be so similar, yet so different. Much insight was provided into the vast world of culture, personal interpretation, and humanity as a whole.